So Long and Farewell

It has been fun. Clearly we have been nonexistent for quite some time. For many of us, the game became stale quickly. For others, we’re still playing. Regardless, DiceAnon will be no more in a few short days as I see no reason to renew my hosting.

We hope we helped get you moving in the right direction with DiceMasters. I know I had some of the most fun I’ve ever had with people I now consider friends. Thank you to all who contributed, but mostly to the three who kept me going: Shawn, Myke and Nick. These three proved to be some of the best people you can have at your side.  Thank you to Andrew for helping me get it off the ground and thought-up. Thank you readers and listeners for having a blast with us!

May the rolls be forever in your favor!

aka: Neverglow

DC World’s Finest Full Set Review

We’ve been on hiatus, but we’re back with our anticipated review of the latest Dice Master’s set, World’s Finest.  You’re reviewers for this set are Myke T (pimpatron), Robert T (archivist), Shawn E, Binh and Alex.  We provide our views and ratings of these cards based on how well they’d do in a Draft and […]

PDC State/Provincial Championship Applications

Now that the inaugural competition season of the Pro Dice Circuit is underway, things are heating up. As such, the organization is accepting applications from stores to host the 2016 State/Provincial Championships! While applying doesn’t guarantee approval, your store certainly won’t host a championship if it does not apply. For more information, visit the following […]

Marvel Amazing Spider-Man Full Set Review

What’s up! It’s time for another full set review! This time we have Amazing Spider-Man! For this edition, Shawn and Myke are back to tell you wassup, but Mat and Nick are taking a break. Taking their places are Robert, who some of you may have heard on one of the podcasts over the summer, […]

Amazing Spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man

We’ve been graced with some incredible Amazing Spider-Man Dice Masters spoilers, and ideas for use of these spoilers by none other than the one, Charlie Cates! I’m really appreciative that he put this together for us and went out of his way to snag some spoilers for all of us! Without further introduction, enjoy:

The DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award: Jenna Marion

To celebrate and help maintain this spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, and friendliness, the two leading Dice Masters websites—Dice Anon and The Reserve Pool—periodically award the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award to someone who has gone above and beyond to make the Dice Masters community a welcoming one, to nurture the growth of the […]