Johnny Swarm!

While practicing with David and Shawn for the Dice Masters Nationals, weird things are bound to show up. Besides, you can only play against so many Jinzos and Hulks before needing a change of pace. I’m not sure where I said it, but I’m going to admit that my first impression of Swarm was very […]

Dice Masters’ Energy vs. Magic’s Mana – Team Building Week 1

Many of us have desired to play a single energy team. The benefits are clearly visible. More of the same energy leads to guaranteed purchases later in the game, and synergy with those characters/actions/global abilities. There is just one problem: Those pesky Sidekicks.

The Uncanny Ice Team – An UXM Budget Build

In the weekend following Christmas, I attended three different OP events with a pair of guys named Jeff and Jun. A significant portion of the Dice Masters players at these events did not have many Avengers vs X-Men cards though. We at Diceanon strive to provide players with tools they will need in order to […]

To Beast or not to Beast, that is the Conundrum

To Beast, or not to Beast… That could be the question you’re asking yourself if you’ve spent any time at all playing other friends with starter sets. ┬áBeast is probably the first pick for most of us when you first buy the set. Beast, in at least 3 of his versions, plays a big role […]