Dice Masters Basic Bullet Points: Controlling the Game

To start things off, I’d like to point new players to this article from Dicemastersrules.com which covers a lot of the details to keep in mind when attacking and defending. As the name of the article implies, this will be a bullet point guide. Some players haven’t played very many games without PXG and the […]

Johnny Swarm!

While practicing with David and Shawn for the Dice Masters Nationals, weird things are bound to show up. Besides, you can only play against so many Jinzos and Hulks before needing a change of pace. I’m not sure where I said it, but I’m going to admit that my first impression of Swarm was very […]

AvX/UXM Constructed Tournament Report

During the Vietnamese New Year weekend (Tet), I had the pleasure of attending a constructed tournament at MTG Deals in San Gabriel, California. The top prize of this tournament was a Promo WKO Tsarina. To say the least, not a bad prize at all. I neglected to take enough pictures and information to go very […]

The Main Step and Passing Priority Proficiently – Timing Conflicts Part 1

There has been a topic which recently generated a lot of discussion on Facebook and a few other venues. It deals with playing the steps of a turn appropriately, more specifically the Main Step (and sometimes the Attack Step though we’ll go into that more in Part 2). Previously when I first created the site, […]

Imprisoned in the Dice Masters Metagame

Ever since I started playing around with the Marvel Dice Masters – Uncanny X-Men set, Imprisoned has been a complete headache to figure out. At this point, I’ve spent a fairly considerable amount of time tinkering with it. I hope some of what I learned about this not-so-Basic Action Card can save others some pain.