DiceAnon Podcast Episode 3 – The Distraction [re]Action

This week’s Podcast we go back and forth about Distraction, Voltron teams, and the Turn 4 kill. We’re beyond ridiculous, but it’s fun! Shawn and Mike join us as they got their microphones.

I joke as if I’ll edit things out, and, I don’t. we keep it fresh and real for you all.

Podcast Episode 3: The Distraction [re]Action


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  1. Played a 15 life “new players” style tourney over the weekend.

    15 life really messes with things, but… My choices for anti distraction in this


    Were Kitty Pride Sprite and She-Hulk. I have wanted to do something with thing for ages and She-Hulk seemed to be a natural counterpart, since she makes the opponent need to field more characters to stop her.

    I like useing characters that are naturally more difficult to block, since they can force a distraction without needing to spend a mask on relentless.

    This is not exactly a t4k but, it tends to ramp up to significant damage quite quickly. If I see distraction, then I hope to get t1 kitty + pxg, t2 kitty + 3x pxg … turn 3 get a she-hulk and then continue to get a she-hulk + pxg while hopefully getting some damage past.

    Anti t4k … slightly more tricky… Its not a type that has really caught on here yet, I think I have one regular opponent that enjoys iceman, but most are too casual to see it yet.

    I did however spot something while helping my girlfriend put together her team for the same event. She is a spidey fan, so my first question of… pick a character was answered with “Spidey” … but then… she picked “Tiger”. His ability makes him a bit less of a mainline than I expected for a central character.

    But while I was considering the amount of things he counters and how well he actually counters them …. Im quite suprised he is not a staple support. He is both anti distraction and anti relentless.

    Stops t4k as well as messing with control teams trying to keep you contained with assasins. All that for 4(f) and fairly decent stats with low fielding cost?

    Am I missing something here, or is he just going to be my mainline support besides toad from now on?

    1. My only gripe is no way to pass that ability of Tiger’s to other characters. Sure that can get his 3-5 in, but that can take a while. But it is a solid counter to distraction and relentless. I’ll give you that for sure!

      1. Sure, you cant pass it on.

        But outside Yugioh and D&D … there is nothing else you can do about it at all besides overwhelm and energy race.

        The “The counters” outlined in the podcast are essentially distract better and have more energy. Tiger compliments that even more by allowing you to pay a fist to counter a mask. This means sidekicks that are not masks from PXG are still valueble, which is pretty huge.

        Yugioh and D&D arent available in South Africa just yet. So, not much else we can play for the moment.

  2. Also, I suspect you are linked to the wrong episode in this post… I linked through by going to the rss feed where the right mp3 is linked.

  3. On a different note… Have you guys considered Selective Shield as a counter to t4k teams?

    Most of those seem to me to focus on a single energy type, and simply stopping them from attacking could buy you the turns you need.

    I did for a while run Uncommon Vibranium Shield for the same reason, but its a little bit harder to get that to fire.

    1. I can’t say we have tried that card very much. I don’t know how well it would do compared to just buying characters though. Selective Shield is an interesting way to deal with a lot of characters, but since most Turn 4 teams depend on a specific bomb, Distraction strikes me as a more efficient solution.

      1. Probably true, Im considering it more as an inclusion in a Aggro team as a counter to a t4k team.

        Since in most generic aggro teams you probably dont want distraction on the table. Yes, I realise most Aggro teams should probably consider being able to pull a t4k. But there are some interesting options which wont pull that but can massively flood the board the characters very quicky.

        Gambit + 2/3 cost with decent stats and low fielding cost and similar setups which can get more than 4 characters into the field in a single turn.

        The last one I tried was Gambit + Hawkeye Robin hood for continued pressure and field presence without getting knocked out. It starting ramping serious damage after 4. T1 gambit + PXG, T2 gambit + PXG x 3, T3 buy hawkeye, field gambit, field hawkeye. buy hawkeye, field gambit, field hawkeye.

        Thats a pretty perfect roll obviously, but obviously being able to field more than 4 characters a turn can pretty easily massivly overload a control team trying to distract. But … you need to survive the first 4 turns to do that.

    2. I Just read something amazing…

      Somebody on BGG put together a Dr Strange Machine gun team which uses selective shield as a machine gun.

      If you play 3 of those a turn … You stop 3 energy types from attacking during the next turn. Thats Static orb Opposition (old school mtg combo) level of control and screw your plan for winning this game.

  4. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the pod cast yet so I don’t know what sets are in the mix, but with all the talk of t4k, should I be happy (given hitting perfect rolls) that my current team will t3k? Granted it takes perfect rolls but out of 10 games it’s done it twice….which draws amazing wife agro.

    1. I call them turn 4 teams, because even teams that can end the game on turn 3 follow the same principles as ones that need an extra turn. Additionally, all of the turn 3 strategies I know of ends up taking 4 turns a whole lot anyways :P.

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