DiceAnon Podcast Episode 2: Definitions

It’s already been a week! No, we didn’t let up.

Nick and Mathew go over different definitions so as to clarify our speech in future podcasts. We also talk about purchasing, energy, rolling aggressively and win conditions. Get this week’s dose of strategy in under an hour! (Yeah, we still haven’t figured out how to fit the podcasts to under 30 min).


Podcast Episode 2: Definitions




About Mathew Tucker

I've played MtG for many a decade. I love board games such as Risk, Axis and Allies, and Game of Thrones TBG. I used to be heavy into RPG's and the such on consoles and PC/Mac, but as time goes by and the family supersedes the gaming part of me, I stick to more casual games I can play in 15-20 minutes.


  1. Thanks! I’d like to subscribe.

    Could you provide a link to your podcast RSS feed? The iTunes link isn’t helpful to non-Apple users (like me).

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