DiceAnon Podcast Episode 8 – The Morning Gift

This week’s Podcast discusses the team picks for the contest. Now to start playing!

We also go through a lot of the new D&D set and discuss what you should be drafting.

We reference the D&D Review a few times. I personally have to apologize that it is not up yet. I’m almost done but nooooot quite.


And now the Podcast:

Podcast Episode 8: The Morning Gift


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About Mathew Tucker

I've played MtG for many a decade. I love board games such as Risk, Axis and Allies, and Game of Thrones TBG. I used to be heavy into RPG's and the such on consoles and PC/Mac, but as time goes by and the family supersedes the gaming part of me, I stick to more casual games I can play in 15-20 minutes.


  1. Hey guys long time podcast listener and once again loved it! Will totally be watching the vids next week although i love the podcast as i can listen on the way to work. Anyway i was wondering if you guys could answer a question for me involving magic helmut common and frost giant rare. So magic helm requires 2 or more blockers, but frost giant can remove a blocker. Does this mean that 3 or more blockers would technically be needed to block paragon elemental? Just curious since magic sword is a plus 2, and a few more pumps and this guy will swing pretty big. Also, will he still get they a +2A if i use cone of colds global before removing an attacker?

    Thanks guys!

  2. Once blocked, always blocked.

    Only two blockers are needed in order to block something equipped with the Magic Helmet. Frost Giant simply allows you to keep one of your attackers from getting KO’d by a blocker by pulling them back.

    1. Ah! Thanks! Too bad… Now I just need a reliable way to give overcrush. Thrown car isn’t bad but i hope we see a better application in the near future!

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