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I've played MtG for many a decade. I love board games such as Risk, Axis and Allies, and Game of Thrones TBG. I used to be heavy into RPG's and the such on consoles and PC/Mac, but as time goes by and the family supersedes the gaming part of me, I stick to more casual games I can play in 15-20 minutes.


  1. Hi guys

    I was really interested in listening to your discussion about how to find ‘good cards’, and the need to go through old sets to see if there is any synergy with new cards.
    There was a nice comment about DiceMastersDB (Thanks!), but also a comment that a better tool was required. Well, we want to be better!
    So I was wondering if you could describe the sort of tools/features that you think are missing? What type of card searches are you wanting to do that are just not possible with the current set of tools?
    Our site is purely to provide data and tools to the players (we don’t sell anything), so we really want to make sure we are fulfilling the needs of the players. Any info you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ryan!!! Great to have you here.
      So I can’t speak for the others, but I can say this for me.

      The team building on dicemastersdb.com is phenomenal. I use it constantly to grab a screen shot of a team I’m looking for. However, I don’t think we were necessarily speaking of search as much as we were organization. Most of us are looking for something we can input what we have and pull it up just as fast on a phone or a home. I’m not sure if that helps at all, but that’s what I’d love to have.

  2. I appreciate dicemastersdb.com and use it when I need some info or a card (on a computer, as I have issues using it on my phone), so I hope my comment wasn’t taken in a bad way. I think the ideal tool would be a fully searchable app that has pricing linked from somewhere (to help with trading), some math involved (some sites have come up with math formulas the put a value on each card), rating systems (we have rated cards for each use, as have other sites), and fully searchable. This dream app would also be able to host a screenshot of the team builder of teams that can be exported into various formats, and/or used to present a team. I think adding a random roll generator for who goes first and even dice rolls would be cool. Heck even a bare bones ability to play the game over mobile would be handy.

    1. Hi Shawn (and Mathew)

      Don’t worry, your comment was not taken badly. I have worked in IT long enough to know that there is always room for improvement. Had you said it was the worst website you had ever seen, then I might have held a little ill feeling!

      Thank you for putting together that list of your dream app. One thing we are going to look at later in the year is how well it works on mobile. We have had a lot of requests to create a native mobile app, and it is clear that the community really wants one. But I’m just not sure that we will ever be able to go down that route. We still have a lot of new features to add to the website. Managing the website codebase, plus additional native app codebases would be a lot of work for what is meant to be a spare-time project.

      As for the rest of the stuff, there are a lot of great suggestions in there. Pricing information is not something we have looked at yet. Neither is using math to put a value on each card. I’m actually really curious how people have done that. Do you have any examples of that in action from other games?
      When we add the ‘Saving Teams’ stuff, you will be able to rate a team up or down. We could probably easily add that rating system to specific cards so that the community can decide what cards are best.
      And various ‘Export’ options for teams has been requested in the past as well, so we will try to do something with that in the future.
      Busy times ahead!

      Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. Much appreciated. Any time you have any new thoughts or ideas for tools just drop me a message on Social Media.

  3. How much do you guys think overcrush will change the meta? If it does end up having a big impact is selective shield the answer for control teams?

    1. I think Overcrush will see success here and there, but I don’t think it can reach the heights that some of the top strategies in the game can. Definitely keep an eye on Overcrush for drafts though. Selective Shield has potential. With the Mirror Wall ruling, the global shuts down a lot of things. The action die is a bit too expensive for a Fog + 1/6 chance at disabling a couple blockers though.

  4. Nice podcast and look forward to the next. I guess i have been using blue eyes wrong… I didnt realize it could stack. Thanks for kinda teachin me that today! I would love to see an article on the best way to use super slifer btw! I know PxG can feed the prep area like crazy and now i kinda wanna try ice man on a team as well to see how fast it can burn. Anyway thanks for the podcast and keep up your awesome work!

    1. Thanks for listening! Super Rare Slifer is a somewhat tricky beast because its very very difficult to make it feel like a one sided benefit. You have to essentially feel like you will always be getting your opponent down to roughly 6 health before they can do the same.

      The Iceman team is extremely fast. Doomcaliber Knight also considerably reduces the complexity. I highly recommend trying to play Iceman against Distraction (and without Doomcaliber). I always enjoy playing that matchup and am very sad to see that it might be a thing of the past.

  5. Any thoughts on vampire with ant man’s global (similar to or incorporated into the ice team)? The energy drain could be beneficial.

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