DiceAnon Podcast Episode 6: What’s the Topic?

During our last Podcast we were all seriously punch drunk and it was a blast. This one, we turn a more sober note and discuss the Meta, the growth of the game, Lord of D/Ring of Magnetism, and OP Cards.

A few things to note:

Go watch this if you haven’t. Its the “Nay nay” reference I give:

John Pinette: I’m Starvin’!

Ring does work exactly as we thought:

Ring stays on character/monster until cancelled or removed

Ring refers to all abilities

And now the Podcast:

Podcast Episode 6: What’s the Topic?


The Feed: http://www.diceanon.com/feed/podcast

About Mathew Tucker

I've played MtG for many a decade. I love board games such as Risk, Axis and Allies, and Game of Thrones TBG. I used to be heavy into RPG's and the such on consoles and PC/Mac, but as time goes by and the family supersedes the gaming part of me, I stick to more casual games I can play in 15-20 minutes.


  1. Love the podcast. We have a small group playing in Vacaville (Northeren California) @ Forgotten Path games on Thursday nights.
    We played out first constructed event last Thursday and we accept teams with both Marvels and Yugioh sets. it was really fun to finally play constructed. it opened our eyes to the possibilities. unfoutunately 3 out of 4 decks contained Gobby or Tsarina, or in my case, both.

  2. Thanks for posting another episode.

    In our area (SE Wisconsin; Racine/Kenosha, specifically) the organized events are not including Yu-Gi-Oh, just both Marvel sets (which is fine with me as I’ve had no interest in purchasing a Yu-Gi-Oh themed set, although it is fun to theorize about the inclusion of some of the cards.)

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