Age of Ultron is Here! What Do I Draft?

Drafting guide by Shawn Ely (aka Captain Awesome) We’ve all heard about the bombs. We know that Zombies = value, especially the full­ art versions. We heard of this thing called Wasp and we know to get Jiggy with Jocasta. But what else do I do with a pile of Age of Ultron Dice Masters, and […]

Guest Quickie – Rollin’ with Style

Rollin’ with Style~ Written By: KaptainKurch June 14th, 2015 Winning isn’t always the most important thing when playing Dice Masters. So what should be the most important? Having fun? Learning new combos? A bit of both? The correct answer is style! So let’s take a look at how to make our victories more stylish!

(Not-So) Basic Bullet Points: Playing Against Spray and Jinzo

Alright, now that Indy has talked about the virtues and performance of a solid Spray/Jinzo Control Team, I’d like to talk about all the things I hate seeing happen while I play those teams. In both cases, I am assuming PXG is in the game. Jinzo and Spray are much less relevant otherwise. I have […]

Dice Masters Basic Bullet Points: In Search of Lethal [Damage]

Watching people play Dice Masters online or even at the side of a table can, at times, be painful. It’s easy to point out every possible mistake when there is nothing to lose. However, when you’re sitting in the hot seat, lines start to get blurry, and playing to win becomes playing not to lose. […]

Las Vegas Dice Masters

As we have one of the biggest sites on the web for Dice Masters, we are going to start focusing on our local scenes a bit to get the game even larger. Being this is my site, I’m going to start with Las Vegas! Come play Saturday night: Avatar Comics. 7PM. Come play Dice […]

Dissecting The Worlds Archetypes: Spray & Swarm

We continue our analysis of the different team archetypes that cracked the top 16 at Worlds with what was easily the most popular development to come out of Worlds:  Spray & Swarm.  Two of the Top 16 teams used the combination of Prismatic Spray and the Swarm mechanic to create games with a one-sided ramp. […]

Maximizing DC Dice Masters – Part 2 Supporting Cast

So we’ve taken a look at some of the strongest DC Dice Masters Win-Conditions to build around. But we still have a bunch of slots left over and want to consider some options for filling out our team. While in our review, we focused on why a card might be good, we’re going to focus […]