Last Day to Register for the Pro Dice Circuit

Wednesday, October 7th is the last day for stores to register to be part of the 2015 PDC Store Championship series. You can register your store for the PDC here. You can also find out more about the Pro Dice Circuit, or PDC for short, by going to

The Pro Dice Circuit was founded by an extraordinary group of Dice Masters players, and will provide a new level of competitive organized play for Dice Masters. Initially, they are developing kits for three levels of events (Store Championships, State/Provincial Championships, Regional Championships). These kits will include different prizes and participation promos, at each level, but you can expect to see custom playmats, dice bags, dice and much more, down the road!

By applying now, you’re not committed to anything. You’re simply saying your store is interested. This kit will include a 2015 Store Championship Playmat, made by InkedGaming, along with 10 custom D6, made by Chessex. The winner of a Store Championship will also receive a free entry into a State/Provincial Championship of his/her choice!

After the Store Championships, they’ll move on to State/Provincial Championships, which will be limited to one per state, and applications for those will open after the Store Championship season. The next level of events will be Regionals, and the number of Regionals will be much smaller, while the prize support will be the largest. Cash prizes will be given away at Regionals, as well as more custom prizes. All proceeds from all events will go into funding prize support for the top-level Regional Championships.

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