Dice Masters Rules Docs

We wanted a place where you wouldn’t have to search through an article to get to that important .pdf file you were looking for regarding Dice Masters. So here it is, updated 2-23-2015:

Dice Masters Rules Forum:
WizKids Rules Forum for Dice Masters


Tournaments, OP’s, and WKO’s:
Tournament Rules
Tournament Formats Guide
Rainbow Draft
Organized Play (OP) Sign Up Sheet
Organized Play Score Sheet
Organized Play Team Sheet
WizKids Open 2014 Tournament Rules


Dice Masters Rules by set:
AVX Official Rules
UXM Official Rules
YGO Official Rules
D&D Official Rules
DCJL Official Rules


Dice Masters Rules Updates Since Launch:
Used Pile Rules Update (Transition Zone)
Latest FAQ – 9/22/2014


Playing without a Starter:
Starter Cards for AvX (BAC’s and Pawn)
MDM Playmat Square


Dice Masters Doubles


  1. Toad-Tongue lashing effect forces all non-sidekicks die to attack. So all the heroes must attack.In doubles does it effect both the opposing players? The *symbol also causes 2 damage to all those who attack, does it knocks all of them to the prep area before assigning them to the attack zone?? Firstly, it’s ability forces all opposing characters to attack. Secondly, the *symbol causes 2 damage n knocks out all those with D2 or less?? Thirdly,no need to engage in attack phase?? Wow, makes this TOAD SUPER than all the high costing characters? Please clarify!!

    1. Effects that would apply to all of your opponent’s dice affect their entire team, such as Marvel Girl, Telekinesis who reads, “When fielded, spin each opposing character down one level (if able).” So it *should* affect the entire opposing team. The characters must be assigned to attack for Toad’s burst to trigger, which means they would be in the Attack Zone before taking the damage. The active player then decides the order of triggers.

  2. If I have two different versions of the same character from different sets can I use both of them on the same team?

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