PDC State/Provincial Championship Applications

Now that the inaugural competition season of the Pro Dice Circuit is underway, things are heating up. As such, the organization is accepting applications from stores to host the 2016 State/Provincial Championships! While applying doesn’t guarantee approval, your store certainly won’t host a championship if it does not apply. For more information, visit the following […]

The DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award: Jenna Marion

To celebrate and help maintain this spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, and friendliness, the two leading Dice Masters websites—Dice Anon and The Reserve Pool—periodically award the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award to someone who has gone above and beyond to make the Dice Masters community a welcoming one, to nurture the growth of the […]

Las Vegas Dice Masters

As we have one of the biggest sites on the web for Dice Masters, we are going to start focusing on our local scenes a bit to get the game even larger. Being this is my site, I’m going to start with Las Vegas! Come play Saturday night: http://wizkidseventsystem.com/event.php?EVENT_ID=115455 Avatar Comics. 7PM. Come play Dice […]

Dr. Strangebrew or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Burn

Preparing for US Nationals was so different from preparing for Magic tournaments, in that we had absolutely no idea what our opponents were going to play. Magic is so established that you always have a general sense of every possible deck you are going to face in a tournament. Nationals was uncharted territory, which meant […]