Big Entrance for a Big Weenie!

It’s Friday night, and I’m gonna do what players do. I strut into my local scene, “Where everybody knows my name,” according to WizKids (yes, it’s a real achievement in their event system). I whip it out. I’m proud of myself. Wait… what the?! Robert whips it out too, but it’s … different. Then he […]

Dissecting The Worlds Archetypes: Spray & Swarm

We continue our analysis of the different team archetypes that cracked the top 16 at Worlds with what was easily the most popular development to come out of Worlds:  Spray & Swarm.  Two of the Top 16 teams used the combination of Prismatic Spray and the Swarm mechanic to create games with a one-sided ramp. […]

Maximizing DC Dice Masters – Part 2 Supporting Cast

So we’ve taken a look at some of the strongest DC Dice Masters Win-Conditions to build around. But we still have a bunch of slots left over and want to consider some options for filling out our team. While in our review, we focused on why a card might be good, we’re going to focus […]

Dissecting The Worlds Archetypes: Control

We start our analysis of the different team archetypes that cracked the top 16 at Worlds with the archetype that won it all:  Control.  Altogether, three of the top 16 teams were control teams, and fell into what I consider two subcategories:

Dice Masters Worlds: Top 16 Teams Quick Team Analysis

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at the cards that were on the Top 16 teams at Dice Masters Worlds, it’s time to take a quick look at the teams themselves.  While each team is unique, and even identical teams can take on different styles when piloted differently, teams can be assigned to one […]

Dice Masters Worlds: Top 16 Teams Quick Card Analysis

In the coming days and weeks, we will be taking a closer look at the top teams from this weekend’s World Championships.  But first we wanted to offer you a quick take on the cards that made the Top 16 at Worlds.

Johnny Swarm!

While practicing with David and Shawn for the Dice Masters Nationals, weird things are bound to show up. Besides, you can only play against so many Jinzos and Hulks before needing a change of pace. I’m not sure where I said it, but I’m going to admit that my first impression of Swarm was very […]

Step by Step Dragon Team

Dragons! As it becomes increasingly clear that dragons are dominating the landscape of Dungeons and Dragons Dice Masters (as they should), I’m sure some people are wondering if dragons are viable in the Unlimited (Mixed) constructed format. No? Well, I guess it’s just me. The main brunt of this article is a pseudo-first-person walk-through of […]

Are You Playing with Yourself?

“Are you playing with yourself?” asked my wife as she woke from her slumber. There I was, concentrating intensely, my hand vigorously moving back and forth. But I didn’t stop. I was too close. I released. Yesssssssss. I finally beat myself! Red Hulk: Superhero hit the field, teamed up with Captain America: Superhero – 27 […]

Team Tech – Nova Midrange

Midrange teams have a unique and fluid play style that depends heavily on reacting to their opponents game plan while still moving towards a win condition. When facing aggressive teams, they employ control elements to slow their opponent’s damage output. Conversely, when matched against control teams they use their relatively high burst damage to end the […]