Sportsmanship and Dice Masters

i.e. Cheating Cheaters    After a recent trip to the WizKids Dice Masters Nationals, it seems a sportsmanship/conduct article is relevant. I know the majority of you out there play this game to have fun, as do I, but there are some that take the fun out of the game by trying to gain an unnatural […]

Guest Quickie: Riptide switches Ant-Man’s stats, then switches… again?

A Quickie Article from our good pal Riptide over at DMR: Heard life had gotten hectic for the guys over here at DiceAnon, so I decided to volunteer my time, expertise, and no small amount of vitriol to help fill in the possible gap. Of course, this isn’t all out of the goodness of my […]

The Attack Step and Passing Priority Proficiently – Timing Conflicts Pt. 2

While there are not a lot of differences in the Main Step and Attack Steps’ passing of priorities, the biggest is the fact that damage is waiting to be dealt. This leads to a different set of decision making. We are no longer trying to determine if we need to use another PXG, Relentless Global, […]

The Main Step and Passing Priority Proficiently – Timing Conflicts Part 1

There has been a topic which recently generated a lot of discussion on Facebook and a few other venues. It deals with playing the steps of a turn appropriately, more specifically the Main Step (and sometimes the Attack Step though we’ll go into that more in Part 2). Previously when I first created the site, […]

Professor X, his Global (doin’ the Thing), and his counter

Over and over people ask us how to conquer the Global of Professor X in Uncanny X-Men. The first answer is in the form of a question: Why? The second answer – a bit delayed – is usually something no one wants to hear. So, Shawn and I worked through some points people might be […]

Wizkids Dice Masters Rules Forum

I didn’t want to sound redundant, as other have posted this already on other sites. However, it seems relevant now. If you have yet to go over to Wizkids Dice Masters Rules Forum, you have probably not had as many questions answered about the game as the rest of us have.

Glossary, Abbreviations, Explanations, and General Game Lingo

As gamers we use funny terms.  We also have a tendency to abbreviate everything! Therefore, I’ve decided to create a list of abbreviations or terms for the new-to-dice-masters gamer to understand.