Amazing Spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man

We’ve been graced with some incredible Amazing Spider-Man Dice Masters spoilers, and ideas for use of these spoilers by none other than the one, Charlie Cates! I’m really appreciative that he put this together for us and went out of his way to snag some spoilers for all of us! Without further introduction, enjoy:

Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron Complete Spoilers and Review

At the moment, the review isn’t finished, but the full spoilers are here thanks to Dean! Our Dice Masters World Champ was kind enough to let me snap all the pictures of Age of Ultron as I needed. Unfortunately even after the fact, a few are still a bit blurry. No worry though, you’ll still […]

Information on DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light

Looks like Wizkids has shared some information on War of Light! Check it out HERE. It is looking like this DC set will have a decent number of new toys to play around with! I’ve written up some of my personal opinions on the spoiled cards for anyone interested.

Avengers Disassembled & DnD OP Cards Spoilers

Hey everyone, images of these cards have been floating a while for a while, so we figured it was time we featured them in their own post. We’ve got 6 more reasons for you to attend a local Organized Play event in the future!

Age of Ultron: Full Set Spoilers & Review (In Progress)

Hey everyone! Seeing as we have a whole bunch of cards spoiled already, we figured we’d get a jump on our Review of AoU. These will be added to our full review when it releases in the coming weeks. Everything in this Spoiler thus far came from either the Dice Tower or

DC Comics Dice Masters: Trinity War OP Spoilers

We’ve been slacking on the Dice Masters news. I admit it. The Reserve Pool has been doing such a terrific job of it recently though, so I hope you all got your fix somewhere! I really do hate scavenging spoilers from YouTube clips, but here we are…. For your convenience, I’ve assembled all the Trinity […]

DC Justice League Dice Masters Full Set Review

With Nationals today and yesterday, we got some awesome coverage. Our boys – Shawn and Walsh – both put the beat down. Walsh went 8-0 in the qualifiers and taking the title in the end. But better than all of that news, at least for all of you, are these awesome spoilers. This set is […]

D&D Dice Masters Full Set Review

Sets are coming out faster than we have a buck to grab ’em! That’s ok, because we got you covered. Luckily some people in our crew have a little cash to spend and between all of us, we were able to get our hands on this awesome gem known as D&D Dice Masters! Hit up […]

Yu-gi-oh Full Set Review

We here at DiceAnon have a lot of fun while playing Dice Masters. However, we can also be hugely competitive, and we enjoy playing great opponents. Whether you’re a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! or not, we think it’s safe to say everyone has at least been curious about how Yu-Gi-Oh! cards will affect their local Dice […]

The squeaky wheel. TRP gets Yu-gi-oh!

Well, sometimes you simply have to make a stink. Apparently we did. We’re happy to report our pals at TRP got a Yu-gi-oh starter and boosters to show off to the fans. We hope this starts a trend. We’d love to see a bit more detail in how we can incorporate these cards into the […]