DC World’s Finest Full Set Review

We’ve been on hiatus, but we’re back with our anticipated review of the latest Dice Master’s set, World’s Finest.  You’re reviewers for this set are Myke T (pimpatron), Robert T (archivist), Shawn E, Binh and Alex.  We provide our views and ratings of these cards based on how well they’d do in a Draft and […]

Marvel Amazing Spider-Man Full Set Review

What’s up! It’s time for another full set review! This time we have Amazing Spider-Man! For this edition, Shawn and Myke are back to tell you wassup, but Mat and Nick are taking a break. Taking their places are Robert, who some of you may have heard on one of the podcasts over the summer, […]

Amazing Spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man

We’ve been graced with some incredible Amazing Spider-Man Dice Masters spoilers, and ideas for use of these spoilers by none other than the one, Charlie Cates! I’m really appreciative that he put this together for us and went out of his way to snag some spoilers for all of us! Without further introduction, enjoy:

Big Entrance for a Big Weenie!

It’s Friday night, and I’m gonna do what players do. I strut into my local scene, “Where everybody knows my name,” according to WizKids (yes, it’s a real achievement in their event system). I whip it out. I’m proud of myself. Wait… what the?! Robert whips it out too, but it’s … different. Then he […]

DC War of Light Full Set Review

Welcome to the new way of doing things. This time around, four of us on DiceAnon are sounding off on the cards, good and bad, and trying to keep things honest. Keep in mind that, for the most part, we are trying to rate the cards in the competitive environment. So the ratings are a […]

Prepping for Rainbow Draft Weekend

On September 19-20, select stores will be participating in WizKids’ first Rainbow Draft Weekend. The event features unique prizes including “blank art” cards that you can draw on yourself. Find out more information at this link. The purpose of this article is to make sure you maximize the experience for the participants and the stores.

Age of Ultron is Here! What Do I Draft?

Drafting guide by Shawn Ely (aka Captain Awesome) We’ve all heard about the bombs. We know that Zombies = value, especially the full­ art versions. We heard of this thing called Wasp and we know to get Jiggy with Jocasta. But what else do I do with a pile of Age of Ultron Dice Masters, and […]

Guest Quickie – Rollin’ with Style

Rollin’ with Style~ Written By: KaptainKurch June 14th, 2015 Winning isn’t always the most important thing when playing Dice Masters. So what should be the most important? Having fun? Learning new combos? A bit of both? The correct answer is style! So let’s take a look at how to make our victories more stylish!