Big Entrance for a Big Weenie!

It’s Friday night, and I’m gonna do what players do. I strut into my local scene, “Where everybody knows my name,” according to WizKids (yes, it’s a real achievement in their event system). I whip it out. I’m proud of myself. Wait… what the?! Robert whips it out too, but it’s … different. Then he tells me that Jason whipped his out yesterday at another local store, and his was a little different as well. Looks like everyone’s rocking a Big Weenie.

Robert and I had both constructed teams based on Big Entrance and low-cost characters, which I hereby dub “Big Weenie” teams. I’m sure that Dice Masters all around the country are discovering this easy-to-build combo, so let us be the first (hopefully) to coin and define the phrase of the phenomenon.

Big Weenie is an archetype that consists of

  1. The Big Entrance Basic Action Card from DC Dice Masters: War of Light expansion
  2. One to eight 2-cost characters that are the conduits through which victory will spew forth. Yes, you can technically include 3-cost characters in the mix as one of your beat-sticks or what not, but for the purposes of this article and definition of Big Weenie, we gotta keep it simple.

Big Weenie - Iron Fist

Since we have this nifty Iron Fist card from Rainbow Draft Weekend, let’s use him in an example build as one of our premiere dudes. Check out our team above. We’ll put eight weenies into the mix because, well, I said so.

So how does it work?

Here’s the super simple rundown. We’ll leave it to you to figure out the nuances.

Turn 1: Buy Big Entrance. It goes into your bag.

Turn 2: You have an 80% chance to draw Big Entrance. Assuming you drew and rolled it on its action face, buy a bunch of 2-cost characters at a discounted cost of 1 specific energy each. Put those suckers into your bag.

Turn 3: Draw four dice (hopefully the four you bought on the previous turn), and swing your thing!

There are now close to 70 2-cost characters in the game, so it’s easy to build a variety of Big Weenie teams. In theory, many of these are easily Tier 2 teams due to their speed, and there should be a decent amount of Tier 1 variations in the mix as well. In addition, there are many Basic Action cards that work well within this archetype: Resurrection, Relentless, Invulnerability, Hulk Out, etc…. Also remember, it’s not how many weenies you can fit into your team, it’s how you use them. Definitely experiment with ramping options such as Professor X’s Global (PXG), Red Dragon/Thousand Dragon action Globals – the possibilities are ridiculous. Then start adding other characters and Globals that just make your beatstick stand out. Alright. Stop reading, go build, and sow the seeds of your Big Weenie everywhere.


  1. Your weenie build doesn’t include the most famous weenie queen – Tsarina. She is OP enough at a 2F cost. picking her up for a Solo Fist is nuts.

    And I would recommend everyone play a few games of Big Entrance / PxG / Ressurection / Silver Surfer with 6 other small weenies. These are they types of scarey a Red Lantern Team will be known for.

  2. I like this idea but to a different end. Buy big entrances. Buy many two cost weenies for 1 energey. Use energy from the weenies dice in following turns to buy Mogo :living planet. Beat the crap out of your opponent with him and when you field him buy another one of him for 3 energy. Im going to try it tonight. Also a Black Lantern Batman’s global can help fuel with extra energy.

  3. As Myke said, there are many 2-cost characters you can draw from. When Myke and I played-tested this, I was using PXG and Tsarina, and she was brutal. Having played this team some more, I’ve uncovered this additional info:
    (1) Going first is a BIG advantage. Much bigger than the current game play. About 80%+ of the time if you go second against a Winnie mirror team, you will lose. You’re only salvation if going second is if your opponent misses rolling their Big Entrance on turn 2 or enough characters on turn 3.
    (2) Energy efficiency is very important, much more so with this team. There are subtle differences in TFC of many 2-cost characters. The sweet spot is 001 (note, the only 000 2-cost character currently is Pepper Potts, and she cannot attack, so nix her from the mix; the 1-cost Kobold is also 000, but he lacks the attack punch without +A buff help or a supporting character, both developments that are too slow for this team). That bit of extra energy used for attack buffs, blocker clearing or protection from your opponent (e.g. against Distraction) instead of fielding costs can mean the difference between a 3-turn kill or not.
    (3) Maximizing the damage on the first attack wave should be your goal. This is where I diverged from using Tsarina or Guy Gardner – Blinding Rage. Assume you get the best rolls and deploy 4 dice of each character, two at level 1 or 2 and two at level 3 and have a few energy to withstand a Distraction global or Relentless one or two opposing Sidekicks (it is very possible with this team). Your damage would be:
    With Tsarina: 8 from her assign attack ability, and 10 combat damage (2A for each L1/2 and 3A for each L3), total = 18. Very good, but not lethal.
    With Guy G: 12-14 combat damage (2A or 3A for each L1/2 and 4A for each L3) and each die get a +3A buff from his ability (12 total) for an overall hit of 24-26.
    Add a Sidekick and these number go up, but only at a +1A for the Tsarina spread, and a +4A for Guy. However…
    (4) If you miss lethal on your first salvo, the game will get tighter. Here’s where Tsarina gives you an edge because her assign attack ability can inflict a few cuts here and there, and these help because your opponent probably won’t have many Life points left. In each case, you will need to cycle your engine again, giving your opponent some time to field a defense or establish some Life-gain. All the more reason to have a Plan B bruiser in the wings for these situations. But regardless, you will have your opponent on the defensive. Just keep the pressure on and attack at every opportunity.
    (5) Another variation is to add some supporting characters with optimal globals for your strategy: PXG, Red Dragon, Silver Surfer, Doomcaliber Knight. YMMV
    But if your strategy is to limit your exposure by foregoing giving your opponent these global opportunities, ensure you have 1 Winnie for each energy type so you can optimize your beginning game purchases. There are good 2-cost characters in for each energy type you can use, so experiment!

    I’m sure there are other points. Try this team out and have fun.

    1. I know this is a couple months old, but I am just getting into DM and the local scene here is mostly my tabletop group of 12 guys and 4-6 “experienced” players each tourney day. So far I’ve done ok, but I am always looking for a new deck to try out (Have about 95% of UxM, wife is collecting JL and WoL, no access to all the cool SRs from AvX), this one looks like the random silly stuff I would throw out and I think using my UxM set and my wife’s JL and WoL set, I have enough 2 costers to try this out, but….am I missing something on the GG: Blinding Rage card? Your writeup suggest he gives buffs to each attacking character dice.

      His text reads: Guy Gardner must attack each turn (if able) and gets +1A for each other attacking die.

      I guess I am struggling to see how the damage output numbers you are working come out. Do you think you could break out your math there for a noob? I just don’t see how BW:Tsarina and GG: Blinding Rage are putting out that much damage so early…..I could definitely see breaking out a turn 2, 8-12 whump, more with some luck, but not 20+.

      Love the site and the ideas, especially all the conversations the UxM set started in other threads. You guys rock.

        1. @Saevus – so on turn 2 after draw and clear, you’ve drawn 4 dice out of your bag twice, and put 1 die in (big entrance). So there’s only one die left (or none if you used resurrection global or silver surfer global). You now buy 4 tsarinas or guy gardners using big entrance, so they go straight in the bag. If you have one die left, you are guaranteed to draw at least 3 of those characters on turn 3; if you used resurrection or silver surfer earlier, you will definitely draw those 4 characters. If you also PXG’d correctly, you should be rolling quite a number of your dice for turn 3.

          So ideally you’re rolling 4 tsarinas and a bunch of sidekicks for turn 3. If you get lucky, field all of them and swing – at minimum it’s 4×2=8 damage from tsarina’s attack value, and 4×2=8 for tsarina’s ability. So 16 damage total minimum if all of your tsarinas go through. If you’re really lucky and all four are level 3, then you’re swinging for 4×3 + 4×2 = 20.

          For guy gardner, the math is similar, except they’re all getting +3 attack, so they swing for minimum 4x(2+3)=24 up to 4x(4+3)=28.

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