AvX/UXM OP and Collector’s Set Up Box Contest

You’ve seen them on other sites, some half-decent, others looking for followers. We couldn’t care less your reason for entering. We just want to give you free stuff. We’ve got two sets of all the AVX and UXM OP cards to date and we’re Jonsin’ to get them in your hands. We also have an UXM Set Up Box added to the mix, as if the OP cards weren’t enough. 8 bit gamersSome of these Prizes are courtesy of 8-Bit Gamers out in NorCal, San Jose/Santa Clara area. Apparently they like us here. And we officially like them! Pay them a like on Facebook if you would.

Besides all your personal information and credit cards, we plan to get something out of it too! (Seriously, I’m kidding about the personal information and credit cards).

What you have to do

So you want in on these prizes do ya? Awesome, we thought so. You’re gonna have to work for it though. Here’s the scoop:

1) Build a 8-man/2-BAC team consisting of only commons and uncommons from both AvX and UXM. No OP cards may be used at all. It can not include any starter characters from either set. This includes their uncommon cards. e.g. You can use storm in uxm, just not storm in avx. Just like you can use Cyclops from avx but not Cyclops from uxm. You simply can’t use starter characters in the set they were a starter in.We really don’t feel like trying to wade through a sea of Johnny Storm and Windrider builds. The point is to create competitive teams anyone can get their hands on.

2) Write up how the team wins. Give us die purchase order and strategy. We don’t need novels, just a breakdown of how you play the team.

3) Submit via email all teams and write-ups to contests@diceanon.com by Jan 31st, 2015. (That’s about two weeks of fine-team-tuning!)

4) Sit tight.

What we have to do

After all submissions, we’ll start Feb working hard on your builds. We’ll narrow them down to 25 teams. With 25 teams in the running, we’ll post the teams and let you, the Dice Master community, vote on your favorites. The top 8 teams will go in to the finals.

At this point, the DiceAnon staff will duke it out on Hangout games (live if we can set it up well enough) in a standard tournament fashion. We’ll play your teams the way you tell us to. This is why purchase order and other side notes to your team helps. If you don’t want us to be fooled by something, put it in your notes. If you’re in the top 8 and you want to play us on Hangouts with your own team, we’re all for that option too!

When the tournament is over, we’ll announce the winners and pronounce a King!

What you’ll win

Let us state first and foremost, we are a proponent of playing for prizes at your Friendly Local Gaming Store. We have not purchased any OP cards or sets to make this contest happen. All OP cards were won. The playmat and the set-up box were donated by 8-bit.


1 Grand Prize = 1 UXM Set Up Box, 1 UXM Playmat, and 1 Full Set (all months, including Phoenix Force and Die) of OP cards to date!


op mpnth 3

13 Runner Up Prizes =
1 OP single month Participation and Prize cards (2cards total). Something like this. Not necessarily those shown above. This is simply an example of an OP participation card and prize card. Realistically these will be newer OP Sets from UXM.

How you’ll win

If you simply submit a team, you’ll be entered into a chance to win one of five single month OP Sets. This set will be a single month set, not all the OP’s combined.

If your team is narrowed down to the top 8, you’re guaranteed a single month OP Participation and Prize card. Same Winnings as with the winners above.

If your team wins and reigns supreme, you’ll be taking home the Grand Prize and be named Common/Uncommon King of Anonymous Dice Masters. We’ll be sure to Trade Mark that before you win.

And before all you Non-US residents think you’re outta the running, you’re not. We love you too. Give us a little longer to get the items shipped to you, and we’ll be happy to share that love! In fact, we want you to submit your teams. We might learn something new from a completely different side of the planet!

And so we say, let the Team-building commence!

May the rolls be forever in your favor~

About Mathew Tucker

I've played MtG for many a decade. I love board games such as Risk, Axis and Allies, and Game of Thrones TBG. I used to be heavy into RPG's and the such on consoles and PC/Mac, but as time goes by and the family supersedes the gaming part of me, I stick to more casual games I can play in 15-20 minutes.


  1. Ok, just to clarify, we can’t use any incarnation pf a character that’s been presented on a starter set.
    That means that we can’t use Storm -weather witch, from UXM because there was a storm in AVX starter set?

    1. Actually I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. You can use storm in uxm, just not storm in avx. Just like you can use Cyclops from avx but not Cyclops from uxm. You simply can’t use starter characters in the Set they were a starter in.

  2. No, I’m actually going to revise this and say no OP cards at all. The point is to make a team of readily available cards anyone can get their hands on

  3. How are you handling OP characters? Will OP Spider-Man be allowed, or disallowed since it is AvX OP card and Spider-Man was in the AvX starter? Wolverine? Thor?

    On the off chance that multiple people have the same decklist that are good enough to make the top 25, will all of those individuals have an individual entry, or group together as one, or picking one contestant at random among the group?

    1. No OP characters. The point of the contest is to make teams that are completely easy to get ahold of. Just bring it in, and borrow someone’s sidekicks/BAC and you’re set.

  4. Are you looking for people to get creative and to avoid taking teams that have already had articles written about them on this and other websites?

    1. We’re just looking for your team. If you submit a standard, hope it works. As long as it meets the guidelines, its fine

  5. you mentioned no johny storm? he is uncommon. the other 3 human torches are from stater. So no hulk green goliath as well? since his other 3 cards are from starter.

    1. Correct. If it’s a starter character from that Set you can’t use any iteration of that character from that Set.

  6. Love this contest! I can’t wait to see the creative teams people come up! I’ve been running and tweaking mine against FSK. Its come down to the wire everytime. A few more tweaks and I may have a legitimate team on my hands even without the likes of Gobby, Tsarina, Beast, and Human Torch.

  7. Just learned to play this having been sitting on the starters for months. Got wine drunk. May have submitted a rambling email with a deck of 100% jank. DMHF.

  8. I wish I saw this earlier, MY local FLGS doesn’t do Dice masters so I have not local play so OP cards are not at my Grasp. Totally wish I had a local place I could play.

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