Amazing Spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man

We’ve been graced with some incredible Amazing Spider-Man Dice Masters spoilers, and ideas for use of these spoilers by none other than the one, Charlie Cates! I’m really appreciative that he put this together for us and went out of his way to snag some spoilers for all of us! Without further introduction, enjoy:

After looking at Amazing Spider-man spoilers I’m really excited about the upcoming set. I’ve already started building teams in my head with some of the cards. The teams range from combo gimmicks to using new cards as solutions to challenges in the competitive environment. Here are some ideas rattling around my head:

MDM4_01Starter-030-BAC_SlanderTwo Basic Actions that I’m looking forward to trying are Slander and With Great Power. MDM4_01Starter-034-BAC_With-Great-PowerSlander provides the ability to remove ability text in a targeted and cheaper package then current competitive staple Prismatic Spray – Lesser Spell. Slander’s global also provides some revenge when dealing with that pair of AvX Super Rares that we all love to hate (among other popular cards). With Great Power is more of a gimmick but a gimmick that I love to use, spinning up my character dice! Rather paired with Doomcaliber Knight – Dark Cavalry or Colossus – Piotr Rasputin, expect some frustrating combos.

MDM4_01Starter-001-Carnage_Cletus-KassidyWhile I’m excited about those actions, I’m equally excited to see some additional action hate coming in the set. Carnage – Cletus Kassidy will deal 2 damage to your opponent each time they use Magic Missile, Polymorph, or any other popular action die. MDM4_04Rare-111-Blink_ExileBlink – Exile provides an answer for continuous actions by paying two masks to send an action from the Field Zone to the Used Pile. Bye! Bye! Lantern Ring – Limited Only By Imagination.

MDM4_02Common-058-Kingpin_We-Do-Not-Speak-His-NameA couple of neat cards have potential to be real bombs also in the set are Kingpin – We Do Not Speak His Name and Agent Venom – Flash Thompson. MDM4_04Rare-107-Agent-Venom_Flash-ThompsonAs others have said, Kingpin is an expensive 7 cost that combines Nova – The Human Rocket and Hulk – Jade Giant. I feel like you’ll win more games than you lose when Kingpin finds his way to the field. Agent Venom is a purchase that can thin your bag, fuel your Green Goblin – Gobby, and trigger powerful combos that I haven’t even figured out yet.

MDM4_02Common-067-Silver-Sable_Hero-for-HireSilver Sable – Hero for Hire is a great utility player. She is affordable at 4 cost, has great attack values for a low total fielding cost, and seals the package with a useful ability to make an attacker unblockable. Pair Silver Sable with another Amazing Spider-man card, MDM4_03Uncommon-104-Vulture_Adrian-ToomesVulture – Adrain Toomes, and you’ve given him his first +4A while also making him unblockable. Relentless and Wolverine – Formerly Weapon Ten may have some competition for agro team BFFs.

Hope the cards get everybody as excited as I am. Thank you DiceAnon for giving me a spot to ramble about new cards that are exciting and fun!

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  1. Love your commentary on all the cards. I’ve been missing your articles on team breakdowns you’ve been seeing or experimenting with.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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