Sportsmanship and Dice Masters

i.e. Cheating Cheaters    After a recent trip to the WizKids Dice Masters Nationals, it seems a sportsmanship/conduct article is relevant. I know the majority of you out there play this game to have fun, as do I, but there are some that take the fun out of the game by trying to gain an unnatural […]

First Turn Advantage

In light of the high level performance of many of the players at the US nationals in Baltimore recently, it seems a good time to start a dialogue on some options for minor tweaks that help balance the minutiae of the game and allow for the rules to deliver a much more consistent performance for both Veterans […]

It’s a Poly-World After All

We’ve all been there. You had the ideal first turn roll. The optimal second turn buy with plenty of ramp. You couldn’t have done anything more to set yourself up for a game-changing (or even winning) turn 3 or 4 and…..*clunk*. Your dice hit the table, and your awesome character(s) are too scared to come […]

DC Justice League Dice Masters Full Set Review

With Nationals today and yesterday, we got some awesome coverage. Our boys – Shawn and Walsh – both put the beat down. Walsh went 8-0 in the qualifiers and taking the title in the end. But better than all of that news, at least for all of you, are these awesome spoilers. This set is […]

Johnny Swarm!

While practicing with David and Shawn for the Dice Masters Nationals, weird things are bound to show up. Besides, you can only play against so many Jinzos and Hulks before needing a change of pace. I’m not sure where I said it, but I’m going to admit that my first impression of Swarm was very […]

Step by Step Dragon Team

Dragons! As it becomes increasingly clear that dragons are dominating the landscape of Dungeons and Dragons Dice Masters (as they should), I’m sure some people are wondering if dragons are viable in the Unlimited (Mixed) constructed format. No? Well, I guess it’s just me. The main brunt of this article is a pseudo-first-person walk-through of […]