Unjustified Criticism, Rage and Vilification Towards Wizkids

Recently Justin Ziran shared an article regarding this topic. I would like to share a few of my thoughts regarding the issue. The article came from TOR.com: Protecting What You Love: On the Difference Between Criticism, Rage, and Vilification

Contest Round 1: Tom vs Jerry

No excuses here. Myke and Nick both went all out in this series and pretty much every game was completely neck and neck! Everything was played on Vassal, so it might be a bit hard to follow, but these Dice Masters games are definitely worth checking out! Thanks to Tom Allen and Jerry Lu for […]

Are You Playing with Yourself?

“Are you playing with yourself?” asked my wife as she woke from her slumber. There I was, concentrating intensely, my hand vigorously moving back and forth. But I didn’t stop. I was too close. I released. Yesssssssss. I finally beat myself! Red Hulk: Superhero hit the field, teamed up with Captain America: Superhero – 27 […]

Contest Round 1: Donald Vs Orlando

On Tuesday we kicked off the Top 8 playoffs of our contest with Shawn Ely playing against David Walsh. Please note that these games were played between 12:30 am and 2:30 am. Both the players and the observers were thoroughly tired. That being said, the games were actually rather good! Props to Orlando Macaranas and […]

D&D Dice Masters Full Set Review

Sets are coming out faster than we have a buck to grab ’em! That’s ok, because we got you covered. Luckily some people in our crew have a little cash to spend and between all of us, we were able to get our hands on this awesome gem known as D&D Dice Masters! Hit up […]

Team Tech – Nova Midrange

Midrange teams have a unique and fluid play style that depends heavily on reacting to their opponents game plan while still moving towards a win condition. When facing aggressive teams, they employ control elements to slow their opponent’s damage output. Conversely, when matched against control teams they use their relatively high burst damage to end the […]

Contest Update: Compiling the Top 25!

Hello everyone! You may have noticed we’re removing many of our previous votes. However, we’ve compiled the top 25 team entries of our AVX/UXM Contest here for your viewing pleasure! The reason we are listing them out this way is to allow you the opportunity to see all the awesome common/uncommon builds you can easily […]