AvX/UXM Constructed Tournament Report

During the Vietnamese New Year weekend (Tet), I had the pleasure of attending a constructed tournament at MTG Deals in San Gabriel, California. The top prize of this tournament was a Promo WKO Tsarina. To say the least, not a bad prize at all. I neglected to take enough pictures and information to go very […]

Dice Masters’ Energy vs. Magic’s Mana – Team Building Week 1

Many of us have desired to play a single energy team. The benefits are clearly visible. More of the same energy leads to guaranteed purchases later in the game, and synergy with those characters/actions/global abilities. There is just one problem: Those pesky Sidekicks.

Dice Masters Perfect Team Up: Codependency Week 3

The last Codependency article featured a highly unlikely pairing of Dice Masters’ characters who happened to work very well together.  This time around we’re going to cover a classic team that will win you, and has won me, some fun games.

Where in the world is the Dice Anon Staff?

Many of you may be wondering if we started the podcast and stopped the writing. The short answer: Apparently! The long answer: We have a few things in the works, but we all had a ton of work this last week and didn’t get things done. The extended answer: We’re still around and we’ll be […]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters Top 10 Common or Uncommon Cards for Drafting

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Master’s distribution seems a lot more limited than Marvel Dice Masters, but just in case any of you out there plan to participate in a Rainbow Draft and don’t want to wade through our full set review, this is a straight-up Top 10 Commons/Uncommons list of what you need to be drafting if […]

Contest Update

Now that all the submissions are in, we’re narrowing them down. There were over 50 submissions, so please be patient. After compiling the information, we will pick five random teams to get the first set of prizes. Then we’ll cut it to 25 teams and have everyone vote on the Top 8. Please give us […]