Op-Ed: What Ever Happened to Collectible?

Avengers vs X-Men Was a Collectible Card Game At this point in the game, I’m sure most of us started with Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men. It was new, it was different, and it was a collectible game. Finding a Starter Set was in the realm of winning the lottery, and getting Gobby was on […]

Yu-gi-oh Full Set Review

We here at DiceAnon have a lot of fun while playing Dice Masters. However, we can also be hugely competitive, and we enjoy playing great opponents. Whether you’re a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! or not, we think it’s safe to say everyone has at least been curious about how Yu-Gi-Oh! cards will affect their local Dice […]

The squeaky wheel. TRP gets Yu-gi-oh!

Well, sometimes you simply have to make a stink. Apparently we did. We’re happy to report our pals at TRP got a Yu-gi-oh starter and boosters to show off to the fans. We hope this starts a trend. We’d love to see a bit more detail in how we can incorporate these cards into the […]

Dice Masters Unlikely Team Up: Codependency Week 2

The first Codependency article featured a competitive and useful combo. However, since I was put in charge of Week 2, I opted for something much less competitive and much more fun. In my opinion, bad combos should always make up the majority of any series about card combos. In this week’s article, none of the […]

Wizkids starting a strategy series?

If you’re familiar at all with Magic: the Gathering, you might be familiar with the Dual of the Planes Walkers series. What’s been really fun for me in that series is the “try to solve it” part of the game. Each game usually has ten scenarios where you have to win in either one or […]

AvX/UXM OP and Collector’s Set Up Box Contest

You’ve seen them on other sites, some half-decent, others looking for followers. We couldn’t care less your reason for entering. We just want to give you free stuff. We’ve got two sets of all the AVX and UXM OP cards to date and we’re Jonsin’ to get them in your hands. We also have an […]

DC Justice League Dice Masters Spoilers and Rulebook!

As many of you know, we are approaching a time when many sets are about to blow up our stock piles and empty our wallets! Yu-gi-oh, DC Justice League, D&D Battle for Faerun, and Marvel Age of Ultron are all on the horizon! What a joyous time to be a Dice Master fan!

Dice Masters Psychiatric Help – Codependency Week 1

In Comics there are characters whose impact is so small, without other teammates, they’re pathetic at best. Jubilee for instance (prior to becoming a Vampire), is absolutely worthless. “Let me shoot some fireworks at your face and see if you’re scared or if you just cheer from sheer glee!” Really though, what use is she […]