The Main Step and Passing Priority Proficiently – Timing Conflicts Part 1

There has been a topic which recently generated a lot of discussion on Facebook and a few other venues. It deals with playing the steps of a turn appropriately, more specifically the Main Step (and sometimes the Attack Step though we’ll go into that more in Part 2). Previously when I first created the site, […]

Quickie Strategy: Counting Dice w/ PXG

While in a casual Google+ Hangout with Scott Hill and Freddy Ortiz, we talked a little about Professor X. Those of you who follow Diceanon know that we definitely give Professor X’s Global (PXG) too much attention. Well we’re doing one more strategy guide for everyone looking to enhance their game with this Global.

Justice League Dice Masters On Its Way!

It looks like Justice League Dice Masters is set to be released in early 2015. Game Trade Magazine has just released an article laying out what we can expect to see in the coming months. Diceanon will probably not be doing any strategic overviews of the cards they revealed until we have a clearer picture […]

Dark Phoenix OP Strategic Overview!

Hey guys, I know I said another article was coming, but 3 new cards just got spoiled on Board Game Breakfast #55. This will be a quick strategic overview on how you might use these cards once you get your hands on them. I don’t claim any of them will necessarily win you tournaments, but […]

Quick Report: A Spin on the Rainbow Draft Rules

Hello everyone! I’m in the middle of writing a different article, but I really wanted to share this ASAP. I just attended a Marvel Dice Masters OP at a shop I’d never been to before named Odyssey Comics. It was a pretty interesting place. Every weekend, a guy named J.D. runs the shop inside of […]

Professor X, his Global (doin’ the Thing), and his counter

Over and over people ask us how to conquer the Global of Professor X in Uncanny X-Men. The first answer is in the form of a question: Why? The second answer – a bit delayed – is usually something no one wants to hear. So, Shawn and I worked through some points people might be […]

A Rant – Uncanny Storm is anything but…

In Avengers vs. X-Men we saw a Storm who was powerful and independent! She could be be used in a team for cohesion, or by herself ready to lay waste to the opposing field. Wind Rider was clearly her best iteration. I at times used different versions, but always came back to this one. The fact […]