Patch Avengers Meets Professor X

Hi everyone, I know I said I’d probably not write this article, but I’ve spent too much time playing with Nick Fury – Patch by now to not do so. In this article, I’ll be going over my two favorite builds that involve Patch and Professor X’s Global (PXG). I hope that my breakdown of […]

Black Friday for Dice Masters

I realize the day is gone.  Kind of like we have been for a few weeks.  Sorry about that! Nonetheless, it seems CSi has some ridiculousness going on for Dice Masters fans: Cool Stuff inc. Black Friday Sale! If you haven’t gotten all the UXM you need, now’s the time! We’ll be back this coming […]

Guest Quickie – Shawn Rolls – League play

Here is the latest from Shawn Ely: So, I’ve spent the last few days constructing some Dice Masters squads for a group of 6 tournaments at a local shop, actually its one big league. Here are the rules, and maybe you will be able to understand my frustrations:

Wizkids Dice Masters Rules Forum

I didn’t want to sound redundant, as other have posted this already on other sites. However, it seems relevant now. If you have yet to go over to Wizkids Dice Masters Rules Forum, you have probably not had as many questions answered about the game as the rest of us have.

Imprisoned in the Dice Masters Metagame

Ever since I started playing around with the Marvel Dice Masters – Uncanny X-Men set, Imprisoned has been a complete headache to figure out. At this point, I’ve spent a fairly considerable amount of time tinkering with it. I hope some of what I learned about this not-so-Basic Action Card can save others some pain.

Super Pawns, because I miss White Weenie

That’s right, I said it. Who didn’t like White Weenie from MtG? Ok, lots of people.  I actually hated it because I quite often didn’t take it seriously as an actual tier 1/2 Deck until after I was beaten brutalized by a bunch of 1/1 (1A/1D) creatures turned 5/5 or 7/7 due to a bunch of buffs. The […]