First Look at the Dice Masters Deck Box and Dice Bag

So as we are all (hopefully) aware, NECA WizKids Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-Men is now available, and at least here in Las Vegas, in plentiful stock. Along with UXM Starter Sets and Booster Packs, WizKids has released a few additional accessories to coordinate our gaming gear.

10 Dice Masters Cards That Warrant a Second Look

Last time, I talked about good things staying good. This time I’m going to talk a bit about some mediocre things becoming good! This list will not necessarily be just about cards that were considered bad though. These Dice Masters cards are either AvX cards that may get pushed into use with the entrance of […]

Status Quo – How to Keep Gobby in Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny has added a lot of new things, and will definitely be shaking up the MDM meta-game in the coming months. Something I noticed however, is that any sort of increase in game speed seems to come from Professor X ramp more than anything. It might come as a surprise to some, but I’m actually […]

DIY Dice Box (and how to do it better)

Storage a.k.a How to Hold Your Crap The unique and intriguing aspect of collectible games is that your main goal is to catch/draw/trade them all.  Dice Masters is definitely no exception, with over 80 different dice and going into the hundreds of cards. This is all well and good, but in the quest to get […]

What to do until Uncanny X-Men releases

Wizkids delayes Uncanny X-Men The new Release date for the U.S. is Oct. 29th.  A week After their original finalized date, it seems their shipping went slightly awry. If you’re unfamiliar with the situation, since June/July of this year the Port of Long Beach / Port of Los Angeles has gone through a few on […]

RAMPage – The Dice Anon Way to Ramp

The RAMPage: How to Build and Run Your Dice Engine What is RAMPaging? RAMPaging is what I’m going to be calling a setup in which ramp sustains more ramp. I felt this topic is relevant because of the current popularity of Beast Mutate #666, and the rise of Uncanny X-Men’s Professor X’s Global (PXG). These two characters […]

Guest Quickie: Shawn Rolls – Sidekicks

Guest Quickies~ We’re going to start having a few select individuals writing things for us here and there. We’ll call these articles Guest Quickies (unless they get really long like my articles). Today we get to hear from 2-time WKO Dice Masters Champion (Portland and San Diego) Shawn Ely! Shawn Roll! It’s a thing!