Why you should be playing Wizkids’ Dice Masters over Magic: the Gathering

Why are we talking about Magic? When someone brings up a TCG or a CCG it’s primarily followed by the mentioning of Magic: the Gathering (MTG or Magic). Why? Because essentially, it was the first real CCG. Magic started in 1993; and I’ve been playing since ’94.  It’s one of, if not the most intricately […]

Glossary, Abbreviations, Explanations, and General Game Lingo

As gamers we use funny terms.  We also have a tendency to abbreviate everything! Therefore, I’ve decided to create a list of abbreviations or terms for the new-to-dice-masters gamer to understand.

Getting Started with Marvel Dice Masters

I want to play Marvel Dice Masters! But I can’t find product. This game can be loads of fun. The competitive feeling associated with Marvel Dice Masters is close to the same feeling many have playing Magic: the Gathering. It’s great being able to take an 8-team anywhere, meet friends at a Starbucks or a […]