To Beast or not to Beast, that is the Conundrum

To Beast, or not to Beast… That could be the question you’re asking yourself if you’ve spent any time at all playing other friends with starter sets.  Beast is probably the first pick for most of us when you first buy the set. Beast, in at least 3 of his versions, plays a big role […]

Watching Your Steps – How to Avoid Telegraphing Your Attacks

They didn’t declare their steps. Sometimes when we start playing with friends, we make mistakes and overlook them. In friendly play, this isn’t a terrible thing, but we first should decide whether we just want to play on the fold-out table with a pizza on the side, or enter the Organized Play (OP) events or […]

What to Expect in the coming days and weeks

As we start to develop the site and expand content, we want to give everyone an idea of what we hope to achieve, and what should be expected.Video content:Our YouTube channel should be the first stop on everyone’s list as they learn of Marvel Dice Masters (referred to as MDM going forward) and join the […]

It’s a Set Up (Box)!

Last night my preorder for the Marvel Dice Masters Set Up Box came in at a FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store), specifically Empire Game Shop here in Las Vegas. At first glance this may seem like an alternate starter set, but the box tells a slightly different story Stay tuned for a full unboxing video […]

Hello Dice Masters Addicts Everywhere

We would like all to join us on a journey through rolling dice and fielding characters.  We hope to bring to you many tutorial videos, in-depth articles, and fun sneak peeks at everything Dice Masters related. As for now, feel free to comment with suggestions on what type of content you would like to see […]